What is the Enise Bridge Challenge?

It is a contest to build miniature bridges in the form of a model.
Each student must be part of a team (2 to 4 students). Each team must create and prepare their project. On the day of the contest they must make the best model of the bridge that they have designed. Finally, they must represent their University.
You can learn more about our contest by looking at the Enise Bridge Challenge 2016 edition teaser.

Who can participate in the contest?

The ENISE Bridge Challenge is opened to students from architecture and civil engineering Schools from all over France. It is also an international contest thanks to the invitations sent to students from Schools/Universities linked to ENISE, for example, Portsmouth University (UK), the School of Grenade (Spain) and the University of Siegen and Augsbourg (Germany). Thus, the ENISE Bridge Challenge is a contest opened to students from different horizons.

How does the contest take place?

Before the contest:

1st : Registration of each team in January and February
2nd : Understand the problem, conception of the bridge and drawing of the plans

During the weekend of the contest:

3rd : Construction of the models Saturday
4th : Party to close the competition on Saturday night
5th : Evaluation of the teams and their model by a jury on Sunday morning
6th : Stress loading of the bridges to test the model’s resistance
7th : The announcement of the results and the award ceremony on Sunday afternoon

What is the goal of the Enise Bridge Challenge?

Promote future graduates in civil engineering towards professionals in the sector.
To encourage students from different Universities/Schools to interact and help in networking.

What is the future for the Enise Bridge Challenge?

The organisational team is renewed each year and this allows the event prosper and be innovative.
The objective of the Bridge Challenge is to become a reference for future civil engineers.