Our school:

Created in 1961, the Enise (Saint-Etienne Engineering School) trains future engineers in civil, mechanical and sensory engineering over a period of 5 years.

Our association:

The Enise Bridge Challenge association is a group of 19 students of first, second and third year.

  • President: Bastien PELIGRY
  • Secretary general: Valentin FREDET
  • Treasurer: Clément GUYAU
  • Communication: Tristan MALIGEAY, Kemal BOLUKMESE, Léonard GUERRIER, Furkan CELIK, Marceau ROLAND
  • Sponsorship: Gillian BAUD-GRASSET, Enzo CHURLET, Maxence BLANC, Yannis ETTAI, Maeva GOLETTO
  • Events: Fanny CHAMBARD, Mathilde EXCOFFIER-PERNA, Valentin NARSES, Célia Ribeiro, Candice BACCONIN